A scattering service should be a time of  dignity, and we believe that it can also be a time of “celebration of a life and a loved one.”

Our services provide memories filled with beautiful images you will remember for a lifetime. The ceremony can be as simple as family and friends sharing private memories or as formal as a full sea service


Each of our services is built around a beautifully choreographed fireworks display. Using proprietary technology, the cremated remains are loaded into specially modified fireworks shells by our  licensed and highly trained staff.  Fired into the sky as a part of the service, the cremains are scattered within the brilliant colors and patterns of the fireworks display. The service will include over 200 fireworks shells.

Our Mission


 Our mission is to assist family and friends through one of the most difficult times in their lives. We do so with integrity and compassion, through innovative and quality services at a fair price, combined with an unending commitment to client satisfaction.

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